Fresh cod responsibly sourced from the North Sea. Traceable, grass-reared Northumbrian prime beef from award-winning cattle breeders. Free-range eggs from chickens free to roam Cleveland farms. As the premier food market in Newcastle we add something special to the everyday.



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A bag of green apples is held above a display of bags of green and red apples. A white handwritten sign above the red Royal Gala apples prices them at £1 per bag.


Doing things properly is important at the Grainger Market.

It's what is important at the Grainger Market

As the first beams of morning sunlight flood the streets of Newcastle, Brett Lindsay and his team have been up for hours ferrying pink mullet, wild sea bass and North Sea crab from North Shields Fish Quay to their stall. They have made the same trip every day since 1972.

Grainger Market butchers, Finlay’s Family Butchers skilfully prepare perfectly marbled cuts of meat right in front of their customers as they share helpful hints on perfect accompaniments and cooking techniques.


A piece of fresh Wester Ross organic salmon fillet is lifted out of a fishmongers display at Lindsay Bros in Grainger Market. A white sign on the display says the fish is boneless, sashimi grade and has no antibiotics.


Piles of punnets of fresh strawberries. A white handwritten sign above them offers two boxes for £1.50. In the background is an open till.

The Grainger Market stands for generosity

Our traders naturally support ethical and sustainable practices. 

Rather than use polystyrene wrappers to bag your Sunday roast vegetables, Hector Hall will provide a fruiterer box or suggest a reusable shopping bag from neighbours, Nil Living.

Our food stall traders prefer generosity to waste. Shoppers who visit towards the end of the day are often rewarded with additional extras and cut price deals on their groceries.

More than a Newcastle fruit and veg market 

When it comes to fresh produce shopping in Newcastle, Grainger offers tastes of home and away.

Whether you’re hungry for regional comfort food or something a little more exotic - the Grainger Market serves up a smorgasbord. 

Olga and Angel, owners of La Casa Delicatessen, import the finest Iberian meats, rich Manchego cheeses and sweet white wines from the famous La Mancha region. 

Oliver & Eden’s Family Butcher is a Grainger Market institution. Since 1949, this family-run business has been serving Northumbrian beef and lamb from the Scottish border.


A woman in a black shirt stands in front of a faux brick wall, next to colourful boxes. A mirror on the wall reflects shelves of Spanish food and produce.


A happy, smiling man with a beard, wearing a white shirt and blue apron, gives a thumbs up from behind the fishmongers counter of Chirton Fisheries in Grainger Market.

Real value

A wide-range of high quality British and global produce at an affordable price right here. One of the best shopping experiences in the North East. 

Even though Chirton Fisheries travel to Bridlington Harbour to collect fresh catches daily, they refuse to increase the price of their North Sea crab to what it costs in the supermarket - a huge saving for customers.

Bartering is still alive and well within Grainger Market’s alleyways. Butcher Richard Campbell is always ready to haggle an offer you won’t find on the high street.


The knowledge and expertise of our traders speak volumes.

Since 1965, Bryan Muers and his twin brother Alan have dedicated their lives to stocking the region’s finest fruits and vegetables. Now flying the flag for his family business, Bryan not only nourishes regular Geordie households from his grocery stall in the Grainger Market, but also feeds Newcastle’s hospitality scene with his carrot, passionfruit and white onions that are used by chefs and cocktail-makers every weekend.

Lisa Sample has been the head cheesemonger at Matthew’s Cheese for decades now. Much of her time is spent sampling cheeses from Northumberland Reiver to Indian paneer to ensure her regulars are getting the very best.


Bryan Muers and Son fruit and vegetable stall in Grainger Market


Grainger Market
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