From the bustling streets of Delhi to the rolling hills of Northumberland, the Grainger Market is a melting pot of vibrant global cuisines and traditional Geordie dishes.

Eat your way around the world from the heart of Newcastle city centre.




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No matter if it's breakfast, lunch or a snack - when it comes to the best food places in Newcastle, we've something to suit all tastes.



Hungry for comfort food?

When it comes to Newcastle food places, our food traders deftly whip up dishes that whisper to the hungry soul.

Joss and Gordon arrive early every morning to hand roll, kettle boil and freshly bake their signature King Baby Bagels for the day ahead. The sweet, soul-enriching smell of freshly baked bread draws people from the streets of Newcastle in their masses.

Emma-Claude’s evenings are spent perfecting her grandparents’ recipes to ensure her loyal customers enjoy the best steak and Newcastle Brown Ale pies in the region. Come lunchtime, you’ll hear the rustle of a hundred brown paper bags as Geordies snap up the last of The French Oven’s artisanal pies and cakes.

Jamie Pagett and his team at Redhead’s Mac n Cheese only use the finest cheddar available to accompany their mouth watering silky macaroni shells.


A woman holding a Union flag carrier bag is passed her change by a female staff member, leaning over the counter of the French Oven in Grainger Market. The counter is transparent and contains shelves packed with baked goods.


The menu board at Snackwallah in Grianger Market offering a range of curries



In the market for something a little more adventurous?

The smell of lightly frying aromatic Sichuan peppers hangs in the air at Chinese Dumpling and Tea Bar where award-winning chefs dip and dive between roaring grills to craft traditional dishes in front of curious onlookers. 

The distinctive fragrance of freshly baked garlic naan and velvety golden-red lentil daal escapes upwards from warm Thali trays. Jake Campbell and his Snackwallah chefs slice through giant bulbs of garlic and fresh bunches of coriander to garnish orders of sweet potato saag, vegetable masala and chaat chutney. 



Just after a really good coffee and slice of cake?

Flat white or something more exotic? It’s the subtleties of Pumphrey’s Coffee that draw people to their storefront. The worn countertop tells a 30-year-old story of customers leaning in closely to examine the coffee display. At any given time, you will find a queue of people studying the menu of different blends, while Rachel grinds Ethiopian beans by hand – filling the store with deep notes of caramel.  

Just the thing for afternoon tea. Katie and Kay's indulgent treats at Pet Lamb Patisserie will satisfy any sweet tooth. These self-taught, local bakers have spent untold hours perfecting traditional recipes together whipping, piping and baking in the run-up to opening Pet Lamb Patisserie in 2012. A resplendent slice of Geordie goodness loved by many far and wide. Expect to find freshly baked goodness, sugar-coated pinnies, and bohemian bubble-gum décor. 


Two disposable Pumphrey's Coffee cups sit on top of a wooden counter. They are beige, with black plastic lids, and the Pumphrey's logo printed on their side. They have black paper straws sticking out of them.


A sandwich, in a sub roll, covered in sauces, in a white disposable container, is slid across the colourful tiled counter of Cubanos at Grainger Market.



The Grainger Market prioritises good value and good values

Our food traders serve up good quality food at an affordable price.

Agostino, the proprietor of Pizza by the Slice, refuses to raise the price of his iconic Neapolitan-style pizza slices above a fiver. He’d rather his oven-baked pizzas be enjoyed by everyone.

Over at Dennis and June’s Sandwich Fayre, their £1.80 hot sausage and bacon sandwiches are the stuff of legend among Newcastle’s workers. They locally source fresh cuts of meat from the Market’s butchers and are known to add a little extra here and there. 

Chris and his team at Cubanos would rather you enjoy an additional helping of tortilla chips than waste perfectly good food at the end of a busy day. Alex Hindson of Bao Down will only serve his Asian-fusion dishes with fully compostable and bio-degradable cutlery.




The Grainger Market has a unique atmosphere that attracts people who want to watch the world wander by with good food and drink.

It’s a special space where life and its dazzling characters meander through the market at ease, discovering extraordinary, new aspects of this beautiful market every day.

Pull up a stool at FEDs on Alley 2 or wander to Eats Café and relax in the leather booths to indulge in the magic of people-watching.

See traders roll up metal shutters early in the morning, feel the fresh northerly winds caressing your face while you sip on a strong cup of tea at Oliver’s Bistro and feel the market’s tempo rise as greengrocers announce special deals.

Take time to wonder at the 188-year-old joists, trusses, and beams that draw warm, golden sunlight to our resplendent glass roof before illuminating it down to visitors. 


Olive's cafe in Grainger Market


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